Eyestore is an independently owned and operated eye clinic located in Bankstown. Dr Susan Ang-Ngo is the Principal Optometrist of both Clinics and is passionate about providing high quality eye care to her patients and serving the local community.


Dr Susan Ang- Ngo graduated from University of New South Wales with Masters of Optometry and Therapeutics. Her special interests are in Behavioural Optometry, Orthokeratology, Myopia Management and Aviation Optometry. 

Dr Ang-Ngo believes in continuous education and always finding better ways to continue to provide the most up to date services for her patients and learning about the latest developments in the Optics world.


Services include: 

Woman sight testing
Comprehensive Eye Testing
  • 3D OCT eye scans

  • Topography

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Contact Lens Fitting
  • ­Standard disposables

  • Specialised lenses

    • Keratoconus

    • Scleral Lenses

    • OrthoK Lenses

    • Hybrid Lenses

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Myopia Management
  • Therapeutic

    • Low dose atropine

  • Multifocal Contact lenses and spectacles

  • Ortho K lenses

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Children's Vision
  • Binocular issues

  • Visual training

  • Lazy eye management

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CASA Credentialed Optometrist
  • Pilot aviation exams (report direct to CASA)

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Therapeutic Endorsement (treatment for)
  • Anterior eye disease

    • Infection

    • Infection

    • Inflammation

    • Dry eye

    • Allergy eye

    • Iritis

  • Posterior eye disease

    • Cataracts

    • Diabetic Retinopathy

    • Glaucoma

    • Macular degeneration

      • OCT scans

      • Diet supplements

      • Co- management with referring GP and Opthalmogist